How much Clean & Safe is the Farm Water? (Latest Advances 2018)

Fresh vegetables grow in the presence of clean water. What would you expect with the farm yields if contaminated water is used? It will simply ruin the land and the crops. Or give you infected crops that may look normal but are poisonous.

Is Farm Water Clean and Safe

A similar thing like the latter happened in the U.S recently when a guy named William Whitt faced extreme diarrhea for a few days. When he later started spitting out blood, he knew that now he got to visit the doc.

How much Clean & Safe is the Farm Water?

The stomach was swollen, and William was facing up with an inflammation and bleeding on the inside. Due to the pain, he was given the opioid painkillers after every 10 minutes for days.

Melinda, William’s wife says how she didn’t leave the hospital as she was unsure to meet William after her return. His condition was that bad, and all his family members were in worry. They were like, how a 37-years old healthy young man, father of 3 get such a severe illness.

Then, on further interrogation and study, it revealed about the Salads that William had a week before at one of the Pizza outlets.

After the blood testing samples were out, the sinner turned out to be the E.Coli bacteria present in the lettuce leaves.

So how did they get into the veggies? It’s the dirty water that caused all the issues!

But the sad part is, FDA didn’t find it necessary to test the water!

What about the Yuma outbreak that costed lives? It had the same E.Coli bacteria which was present in the romaine lettuce. Comparing all the vegetables, the leafy ones are the first to get contaminated since they don’t have any layering on it. Like some of the fruits arrive with a covering or like tomatoes and potatoes which can be washed.

Washing lettuce is difficult, and even if you do – it doesn’t take out all the bacteria from it.

Whitt admits that everyone associated with the vegetable production and selling is at fault. The delay in the FDA testing adds on to the frustration.

He adds- I won’t be eating any salads from now onwards, and I won’t eat any veggies unless they are cooked well. He calls the condition as a Broken System.