How Ping Pong Helped Someone Get Ahead At Work Space

If you’re wondering, the idea of our ping-pong competition has not been broken.
Take a look at the offices of modern technology companies such as Google and Facebook to see that modern office culture is paramount.

It’s the DNA of your company that makes it unique in a competitive world and it’s becoming increasingly clear that GenY expects much more from a job than GenX.

It seems that the modern office culture is dominated by ping-pong tables, lobbies and beer coolers. At this point, probably all people over 40 who read this letter will roll their eyes and say, “What a waste of time and money.” You need good ping pong paddles to skyrocket your game in the office.

Ping Pong At Work Space

Bring your whole being to work

Your passions are part of you. All your interests take you to a YouTube hole at two in the morning or require you to attend post-work meetings that make you who you are. Just as a machine can not work without a missing piece, you can not either.

To show you all your being at work, you must be the master of your passions without excuses. If I had tried to keep my hobby a little stupid on the part of my colleagues, we would have never thought of using Ping Pong as an anchor for the conference, and it was a great success!

This will keep your brain active

The coffee can help you get started in the morning, but ping pong can make your mind work. Table tennis is not only an excellent exercise in the office, it also offers excellent mental training. Strategies must be executed and executed within seconds, because the speed, effects and placement of the ball are essential to the way the game is played.

Because it requires immediate thinking, table tennis can help increase focus, creativity and improve decision-making. A game of ping-pong can also increase hormone levels and keep the brain young, which can slow down cognitive decline. Clinical studies in Japan have shown that table tennis increases blood flow in the brain and prevents dementia in the elderly.

An office improves morale.

Studies show that satisfied and happy employees have a higher level of commitment and loyalty to the company. Physical activity naturally produces dopamine and endorphins, known as “feeling good”. Therefore, a game of ping pong is a great way to improve morale in the office. Even a quick combination allows colleagues to get to know each other better because it’s easy to talk at the table and feel more connected to the team.

One last note from We thought that a game called “Beer Pong” (or something like that) could also appear here … but you did not hear it, it’s not a game with which we play are very familiar.