Hey everyone!

This is Delisa here. First of all thanks for stopping by, and reading my story.

I am a working woman, and currently into the water preservation department in Indiana. It’s been almost 5 years working in this department when suddenly I got interested in blogging. Even during my graduate days, I used to write essays on real-world problems, and it used to give me a lot of pleasure.

RMH PORTLAND deals with interesting concepts, hacks, product reviews, and everything that helps with improving your life. Life upliftment is my only focus. 

Also, with the help of my work experience, I could share you my viewpoints on how to conserve water, and also the importance of the clean water.

Lol, I do not want to sound boring! You can send me in your suggestions too. I would check the entries, and blog about them too if required.

What do you think? Are you up with me?

Delisa C Alvey