Daily Fitness: Best Workout Tips for Men & Women over 40

Are you someone over 40, who wants to get in shape? If you have shared this idea with the people around you, then you might have got many discouraging replies already.

But the truth is, you can get that damn shape back in your 40s too!

This is an easy-read guide that will discuss the ways in which you can keep yourself fit no matter the age!

Best Workout Tips for Men & Women over 40

Workout Tips for Men & Women over 40

Currently, when I see the scenario at the gyms, more than 30% of the enrolments are covered by the 50+ aged people. This is a clear sign that now more people are aware of the importance and need for staying fit.

I will share out 4 work-out tips that you lovely 40s people can try out: 

#1 For a Healthy Heart!

Try your hands on the cardiovascular exercises, and keep it for 3 to 4 times in a week. Cardio helps in getting the heart-beat rates to normal, which intake keeps the heart muscles healthy.

#2 Fight back the arthritis today.

Strength training is a good choice that you can opt for curing the arthritis issue. Squat, deadlifts and an overhead press are few of the best ways for keeping the muscles and joints fit.

#3 Back pain troubles.

Back pain problem mostly begins at the age of 30 to 40 years. To fight this pain and the overall fitness of body, you have to address the CORE part first. Planks are a good option in this case. Hold the plank position for about 90 seconds to the maximum, and perform it 3 times in a week.

#4 For recovering from depression.

People, mainly women in the age between 45 and 65 go through some kind of depression. Almost all exercises can help you fight with the depression thing, but among all Yoga is found to be the extraordinary solution. It could beat the stress and also pump up the mood!

So, these are some of my selective Workout tips for someone who is over 40! It is important that you follow the right steps and procedure. Therefore, join a gym or get yourself a personal trainer who could explain to you how to perform each exercise in the right way.